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MyProgress is our child assessment and reporting module. It can come preloaded with a bank of test questions that cover the Federal Head Start learning domains, or you can load your own questions to assess your children. Once the assessing begins, you have access to a wealth of reports and insight into the data you collect for your children.

HR - Human Resources

Managing employee data is intuitive using the HR module of Univerit. Adding and terminating employees, job transfers, and vacancy management are a few of the available features. HR can be integrated with payroll to provide online W2s and pay stubs via the Employee Self Service menu.


Warehouse is an inventory control application with additional features. You can manage all of your items, vehicles, and facilities here. Disposals, sales, repairs, and much more can be recorded here.


Organizational Content Management System (OrgCMS) provides an interface to manage your agency website without prior html knowledge. The module comes with a few website templates, and we also provide customization service for template design.


HeadCount is a management and communications application, which allows you to monitor attendance figures for children and employees across your agency. This information is served to you in a way that helps inform your decision making in a ‘right now’ situation. When a situation arises at one of your remote locations, you can be notified via text message.


The Workflow module is designed for employee accountability. Supervisors can review all of their employees’ tasks and job responsibilities, and can assign a weight to each one. As the tasks are fulfilled, a score profile is built which can be used during evaluation periods. This provides a data-driven process to ensure employee excellence.


Never misplace a file or signed document again. The Cabinet module is a digital file storage system that is accessible from anywhere via a browser. Access to the filing system can be delegated by department and by role. Documents can be scanned directly into the system in pdf format, making it simple to digitize important contracts and other paperwork.


Our Training module will allow you to conduct online training, or supplement classroom-based training with an online portal. You can create courses, upload training materials, add quizzes to a course, and much more. Certificates are generated upon completion of each course. Also, courses can require a passing quiz score for completion, or can simply require acknowledgement of receipt of course materials, which is perfect for documents like employee handbooks.

Board Room

Help your board meetings become more efficient and effective with the Boardroom module. Here you may setup meetings, as well as share pertinent files and links in advance. You can allow your board members to post comments on previous meeting minutes. Ballots can be created and voted on, whether physically present at the meeting or not.

About Univerit

MTI's Univerit applications are designed to assist schools and head start programs with employee management, student progress/tracking, web training, website content management, warehouse management, data storage, helpdesk management, workflow, business analytics, and facilities safety.

What is Univerit TMS?

Univerit Total Management Suite is the solution to the information needs of early childhood education-oriented agencies. This covers the management of day-to-day operations as well as child information.


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